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Welcome to EBibleAnswers, a site dedicated to presenting Biblical truth. The site is founded on the assertion that the Bible has the answers to how we should live, what God’s plan is for each of our lives and what is going to happen before He comes back for His people. We also believe that the Bible is the standard for the Christian and that no tradition, superstition or belief has precedence over a “thus saith the Lord”. That if we come to something in the Bible that goes against everything we belief we MUST accept what the Bible says.

We believe that Jesus is coming soon and that we need to be ready to meet Him.  And the only way to know how to do that is to read and study the Bible. So the purpose of this site is to draw people back to the Bible and to believing in it as the holy word of God to man. And following everything it says no matter how foolish the world thinks we are.

We welcome your questions, comments and suggestions for our site. Questions on biblical matters will either be answered in a public article(personal details omitted) and/or a personalized answer via email.

Thank you for visiting and supporting EBibleAnswers! The only way we will know you have been blessed is if you let us know, so why don’t you drop us a line sometime.

You can email me at randy[at]ebibleanswers[dot]com
Questions: questions[at]ebibleanswers[dot]com
Need prayer? prayer[at]ebibleanswers[dot]com


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