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General Bible Questions
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May I Call God Daddy? – Does Abba mean Daddy?

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In a growing trend I have seen Christians referring to God as Daddy, and this use is justified by the explanation that it is a term of endearment, and the claim is made that Jesus and Paul used the equivalent of our English word “daddy”. In this short article we will examine this question and […]


Harold Camping and the new date, Oct 21st… it really is going to happen this time!

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Harold Camping just announced that his dates were maybe not “worked out as accurately as I could have.” – he said that the day was actually a spiritual judgment day and essentially has stated that it is over and nobody will be saved past this point who has not heretofore been saved. But what is […]


Why Harold Camping was wrong and why the rapture did not occur May 21st 2011

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As May 21st, 2011 came and went thousands hung their heads in disappointment and shame. While some Christians reached out to those disappointed by the claims of Mr. Camping many so-called Christians railed against Mr. Camping with rage making statements such as “I hope he burns in hell forever” instead of praying for his salvation. […]


Why Genesis must be a literal 7 day creation week

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Question from a reader: “Can a Christian believe in theistic evolution and is it possible that God used evolution and that the 7 day creation week is really symbolic of a evolutionary period? Look forward to your answer.” Many Christians now days are accepting or at least acknowledging the possibility that God used evolution in […]


The Rich Man and Lazarus – Is it Literal or Symbolic?

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“What about in Luke 16:19-31 when Jesus is talking about the rich man and Lazarus the poor man outside his gateway? god bless you and grace be to you thank you for this article. but i just had this one question” This question was user-submitted in response to the article: Do you go straight to […]


Do you go straight to Heaven when you die?

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Probably one of the most controversial topics among people today is what happens to a person after they die. Are the dead really dead? Do they know anything, do they go straight to heaven when they die,  are they sent to purgatory or even s0me other place… maybe even hell? The fact is we all […]


The Mark of the Beast and the Sunday Law

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Hello everyone, before we begin I would like to ask a few favors of you. First, before we begin I suggest you read the previous articles from the Sabbath Truth series, they will lay a groundwork upon which this article stands, otherwise you may wonder when I make references what I am referring to.   You […]


What does the bible say about abortion?

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You’d be surprised how many people come to the Bible hoping for some scriptural proof for their decision to commit an abortion, some verse in the bible backing the abortion of their child. I am going to be honest with you right now, its not there. But if you want to know and follow what […]


Let no man therefore judge you in your sabbath days

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In our previous article Sabbath, Saturday or Sunday? we discussed what the bible really has to say about the sabbath, the history of the sabbath and a few of the popular arguments sunday-keepers give and what the bible has to say about those arguments. In this article I would like to look at some popular […]

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