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Harold Camping and the new date, Oct 21st… it really is going to happen this time!
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Harold Camping and the new date, Oct 21st… it really is going to happen this time!

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Harold Camping just announced that his dates were maybe not “worked out as accurately as I could have.” – he said that the day was actually a spiritual judgment day and essentially has stated that it is over and nobody will be saved past this point who has not heretofore been saved.

But what is more fascinating and even more scary is that Harold Camping set this date from something that “dawned” on him… no mention is made of studying the Bible and seeing his error just that something dawned on him. I’m sorry but I base my faith on the Bible and the Jesus of that Bible. The Bible says let every man be a liar but God be true.

Now again as I mentioned in my first article about Harold Camping, my fear is that the secular world and even the Christian world will begin to scoff at the notion of the Lord returning for a people.  2 Peter 3:4 says they will say:

Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as [they were] from the beginning of the creation.

As I stated before Harold Camping has no light in him, while very sincere (I believe) he is obviously not getting his inspiration from heaven because God inspired the Bible and it is the foundation of our faith. Harold Camping doesn’t use the Bible to prove anything… he periodically quotes from the Bible but always a verse or two which he misconstrues and manipulates to fit his interpretation. Again I believe unintentional as it may be, it is still very dangerous. In this article we will discuss why October 21st is not the day… and our authority, as usual will be the Bible alone!

Why October 21st will not be the day either…
I must reiterate what I wrote the other day.  The Bible unequivocally states that nobody knows the day or the hour of his coming. All the mathematical calculations in the world will fail against this word because the Word of God contains power and cannot be hindered. Not man, not Satan nor his whole legion of imps can stand against the tiniest word of God.  As Martin Luther’s famous song, A Mighty Fortress says “one little word shall fell him”

So Harold Camping isn’t fighting against anything but the very word of God. And let me tell you, if the word of God says something it will happen, it has never ever failed and it never will!

But the Lord will come…
The Bible predicts that people would say “lo he is here” or “lo he is there” and the caution is do not go. But because of these false predictions the world will become calloused and will scoff at the idea of the Lord actually coming… then “when they shall say peace peace… then sudden destruction cometh…” – the Lord’s coming is soon because the signs of Revelation and Matthew have and are currently being fulfilled.

The prophecy of Jesus was that calamities would progress as the birth pains of a woman with child.  As the time got nearer and nearer they would become more rapid, close together and of greater magnitude at times. This is what we are saying today. Earthquakes, 50 year tornadoes, 100 year volcanoes, tsunamis, floods, all of these have become very frequent and with increasing intensity. So we know that the Lord’s return is near.

That is why the devil is inspiring men with false ideas and false predictions to distract people from the truth that Jesus is coming soon and we must be ready.

Probation has not closes as Camping now states but it will soon. There is no time to remain in sin and rebellion against God. It is high time to repent and awaken out of our slumber and do the work of the Lord. Wake up, wake up, before its too late! The Lord has saw fit to hide from us the exact time of His coming so that we must “always” be ready…

My admonition to you dear reader is to ground yourself in the word of God. Your pastor may be a Godly man but you need to prove what he says from the pulpit in your own Bible. If the Bereans did it when Paul preached I think it applies to all men. Study like you have never studied before and when truth is revealed in God’s word and your friends and family reject it or your pastor denies it, then you must stand alone on the word of God. Because the Bible says that in the end children will turn against parents, parents against children and there will be strife and agony of soul. But Jesus said if you love mother or father or brother or sister more then Him you are not worth of Him. He must be #1 in your life, He must be your all consuming desire… and if He is not it is because you have not spent time in study and prayer to develop a relationship with Christ. But He desires to have one with you… and if you already know Him, His desire is for a even deeper relationship.

Brothers and sisters, as Christ’s coming draws even closer there will be more Harold Campings that will arise and “deceive many”, and if possible will deceive “even the elect” – how will we keep from being deceived? You must know your Bibles. You must memorize scripture so that when a Mr. Camping says that 10 is a symbol of completion you can say, “No sir, i’ve studied the whole Bible and 7 has always been that nunber” – when a Camping says Jesus is coming on such and such a date you can say “No sir, i’ve studied the Bible and it says ‘No man knows the day or the hour'”

Jesus when in the wilderness met temptation with a “thus saith the Lord”, let me tell you very plainly if you are not studying the Bible you will be deceived. Not maybe, not probably but you will be deceived.

But God’s grace is sufficient, His Word contains the word to sustain you and He will give you discernment to see error if you are feeding your mind with His word.

God Bless you as you study and don’t accept anybody’s word on spiritual matters without proving it in the Bible first. Feel free to comment or email me questions. I love to hear from you!

Disclaimer: I am only exposing error. I do not make condemnations, God alone can do that and He is just and able to make that decision. It is just my purpose to show that his theology is not based on Biblical principles and as a Christian we must flee from his errors.

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