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Do you want to learn more about the Bible, do you want to know Christ? I mean actually know Him as your personal Savior? You know the best way to really get to know Christ is by reading His word, the Bible. If you want to know what the Bible REALLY says about the mark of the beast, America in bible prophecy, the state of the dead, hell and other controversial topics we recommend the following bible studies.

Amazing Facts offers a series of clear, completely biblically-based study courses. The best part is they are completely free, you can do them online in your spare time or you can listen to additional video and audio material to help you along in your studies. You can start your free course now at BibleUniversity

These lessons are here to teach people about the truths of the Bible. They are again wholly based on the bible and that is why you will find many bible verses in each lesson so you may want to make your own notes.

You can also email us at questions[at]ebibleanswers[dot]com if you would like answers to your bible questions, would like to start studies or need help finding a church which follows the bible. We would love to hear from you.

You can alternately use the following form to request bible studies:

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