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The Sabbath Truth Series

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Do you want to know the truth about the Sabbath, what does the Bible really say about the Sabbath? Is in mandatory that we keep the Sabbath? Isn’t the Sabbath for the Jews, and wasn’t it abolished in the cross? Doesn’t Paul say not to worry about keeping the Sabbath? Aren’t we supposed to keep the Lord’s day now?

We will answer each of these questions and clearly show what the Bible says about the Sabbath. Do you want to know the truth? I have written a number of articles on this issue because I feel it is crucial that we understand its importance and the involvement of the Sabbath in end days.  I feel that we need to know the truth about the Sabbath as it will be a deciding test in the end, whether we will accept the counterfeit or will follow the true.

So join me as we discover what the Bible truly says about the Sabbath in this series. Your comments are greatly appreciated.

The Sabbath, Saturday or Sunday? – Part #1 – What day really is the Sabbath? Is there any Biblical evidence to support the idea that the Sabbath is for the Jews only? Is the Lord’s day Sunday? If so shouldn’t we keep it as the new Sabbath?

Let no man therefore judge you in your sabbath days – Part #2 – Doesn’t Paul say “let no man therefore judge you in your sabbath days”? Doesn’t this de-solve the sanctity of the Sabbath? Aren’t we under the new covenant which means we don’t need to keep the Sabbath anymore? This is one article you don’t want to miss… some crucial subjects here and we want the Bible Answers don’t we? Lets discover what the “handwriting of ordinances” are, what law was abolished in the cross and what was fulfilled in the cross… this is a very important issue.

Does the sabbath really matter? – Does the Sabbath really matter? Doesn’t God understand I need to support my family? Doesn’t he understand that it is more convenient for me to goto church where my family has always gone? Is it really that important?  Is the Sabbath an important issue in the end times, will it again be a test for God’s true people?

The Mark of the Beast and the Sunday Law – What is the Mark of the Beast and the Seal of God? How can we be certain we get the seal of God’s approval and not the mark of the beast? Lets study this issue out and find the truth… this is a crucial subject to understand.

The Sunday Law in America? – If you have read the previous article on the Sunday Law being a test of the end, did you wonder how that could happen or if it was even possible? This article will delve into the history of America and how we have had mini-enactments of Sunday Laws and attempts at a nationwide Sunday Law.  This article will be the next in our series… coming soon


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